Brand Exploratory of Adorable Projects

Hello! Through this post, I will explain the result of my brand exploratory towards Adorable Projects In this Brand exploratory, the parts that will be discussed are netnography, qualitative research, and quantitative research. Let’s begin!


In this part, I will explain about Adorable Projects netnography research result. Firstly, I would like to explain briefly about netnography. As I have learned from the lecture, I got new insight that netnography is online research which aims to understand about social interaction and to understand the customers through online platform whether it is social media, forum, and sort of. In this case, I found there are quite many reviews or discussions regarding Adorable Projects.

I have observed some online “fields” which potentially have a high interaction among customers. Not only that, but the context of what they are talking is also important. I mean, their discussion indicates that there is problem, not just asking about product and sort of.

I have mapped some touchpoints both customer-owned, brand-owned, and third party-owned. There are some consideration when I choose the touchpoints, which are:

*There is mistake in Twitter link which is it should be located in Shopee column

According to the various touchpoints I have analyzed, I will take one touchpoint that indicates a problem which is from Beautynesia Forum. The rest touchpoints will be eliminated because of several consideration that I have mentioned above.

Other consideration why I don’t choose the other touchpoints is because it doesn’t consist of needed information and doesn’t indicate problem inside. Such as these examples below which containt positive review:

Thus, since the positive review will not be explained further. I’ll move to the Beautynesia touchpoint.

Problem indication → From third party-owned touchpoints (Beautynesia Forum)

Through this touchpoint, I indicate that there is problem regarding Adorable Projects brand.

According to the reviews above, it indicates that some customers complain about Adorable Projects’ build quality. There are 11 comments in total, but I only input 8 since the page is too long. Beside that those 3 comments don’t indicate any complain. From those 11 comments, there are 5 comments that is complaining about the same things which is the weight of its raw material. The customers feel that the weight of the shoes is too heavy for a pair of shoe and it makes them feel uncomfortable.


From this netnography study that I have conducted through some touchpoints, I got insight regarding Adorable Projects indicated problem:

  • The material is too weight → this will be investigated deeper since most of complains talk about this
  • Out of stock products
  • It doesn’t fit for daily use

The other findings are more likely have positive reviews such as:

  • The price is affordable
  • Satisfying service
  • Cute product and have a good design


In this qualitative research, I collect data using two methods and I interviewed two people in total. This qualitative research aims to know about further problem that is faced by customers. Beside that, through this interview hopefully I could know their perception towards Adorable Projects brand and product.

Those two methods are free association and mystery shopper from ethnography. I choose free association since I could dig freely without any constraint and the interviewee could express their thought freely as what comes into their mind at first.

Free Association

In this method, i got chance to interview an interviewee which is the customer who has experienced with Adorable Projects’ product(s). The first interviewee named Chika, she is my friend who live in Cianjur and I used to hang out with her when we was in high school, therefore I know what usually she wears. So I interviewed her through LINE messaging app.

  • Chika, 19 years old

Since the interview is quite long, I will summarize it. Chika has experienced to use Adorable Projects two times. The first experience was when she got a present from her friend, and the second time is when she feel a good experience with Adorable Projects’ shoes. Then she decided to repurchase the another shoes from Adorable Projects.

She thinks that AP products is perfectly suit with her style. She said that she likes girly thing and feminine style, therefore it is suit with her. When I’m asking about her satisfaction of Adorable Projects’ product, she said that she is satisfied enough with the product since the price is still affordable to her pocket.

Actually she didn’t had enough initiative to talk first, so I need to ask her first then she will answer. Next, I asked about the weakness of AP. She thinks overall is good, especially the service (she bought the second shoes through Shopee, and she said the response was really fast and kind). About the weakness, she just said that the shoes isn’t really durable. Her first shoes was given in 2016, and it was broken in 2018. Even though like that, she thinks that it is equitable with the price, if it’s compared to other premium shoes with price above Rp500,000 the build quality is definitely different.

Ethnography (Mystery Shopper)

In this ethnography researh, I choose mystery shopper to know about customer perception without knowing that I’m observing her to minimize the biases since I’m an observer and she might feel hesitate to reveal her honest thought.

I choose one of my close friend as my interviewee through LINE messaging app since she also experienced to buy Adorable Projects’ product once. I also used to chat with her randomly, thus she will not realize if I’m observing her through chat.

I will use an initial to hide her real name. Her initial is R. R bought a pair of shoe from Adorable Projects once in 2018. In this scenario, I acted like I want to buy Adorable Projects shoes and I’m asking for her review first. The chat was quite long and I couldn’t captured all messages, thus I will sum it up.

Unexpectedly, R directly said about her perception about Adorable Projects once I asked her “do you know about Adorable Projects’ product?”. She said is it not so good, and she cleared the statement that she means the shoes isn’t really comfy.

Overall, actually she thinks that the products is cute. But however, she said that it is all about preference. She doesn’t really like girly and feminine fashion items, so it doesn’t really match too. She bought AP shoes just to try the product.


From those two interview above, I can conclude that the problem is similar to what I got in the netnography. They think the product is cute, but the raw material quality needs to be improved. They want a durable shoes and a comfy one, about the service both of them feel that the service is excellent.


This aims to validate the problem indication that has been found in netnography and qualitative research step which the complain mainly talks about the build quality and material of Adorable Projects’ shoes.

Experiment (Conjoint)

In this quantitative research, I use conjoint technique from experiment research. Due to the time limitation that I have, I use this technique since it is more simple and could give me about the customers’ thoughts about Adorable Projects. Besides the main issue, I would also combine other components of brand that they offers to the customers such as the service quality, the purchasing channels, the packaging, the durability, and so on.

I have made four set of conditions which containt different benefits and trade-off. Those are:

Then, I let the respondents to rank their priority. From the most prefered option until the less prefered for them. I made the questionnaire in 7 November 2020 and close it on 8 November 2020. I could only gather 58 respondents, they are people with:

  • Female
  • Aged above 17 years old

Here is the result out of 58 respondents that I have gathered:

To be honest, I’m a little bit confused when the first time read the result. But I will try to interpret it from the brand “x” perspective, not from the priority’s rank.

  1. Brand A

Brand A offers:

(+) Good design (include the raw material)

(+) Affordable price

(+) Popular brand

(+) Excellent service

(+) Good packaging

( - ) Not so comfortable

( - ) Not durable

( - ) Available in online store only

According to the result, about 24 people from 58 people choose this brand at the last option which means it is the last priorited. Next, this brand also gained low result in priority 1. Even though the price, brand, design, packaging, and service is good, but people keep prioritize the comfortability and durability.

2. Brand B

Brand B offers:

(+) Comfortable

(+) Durable

(+) Affordable price

(-) The design is so-so

(-) The packaging is so-so

(-) The brand is not so popular

(-) Service quality is so-so

(-) Available in online store only

Brand B gained highest vote in priority 1. People consider about the benefits on its comfortability, durability, affordability. Even though it has many weaknesses in design, packaging, brand popularity, service quality, and channel, but it doesn’t really matter for the customers.

3. Brand C

Brand C offers:

(+) Good design (include the raw material)

(+) Comfortable

(+) Durable

(+) Available in online and offline store

(-) The packaging is so-so

(-) The brand is not so popular

(-) Higher price than the competitors

(-) Slow response admin and not friendly shopkeeper

According to the result, the Brand C has similar result in three option.

Priority 1: 19 votes

Priority 2: 15 votes

Priority 3: 15 votes

Priority 4: 9 votes

I think people is indifferent to this condition. But according to the result, it is still higher in the second priority even though it is still below the Brand B. So, I think Brand C is still counted as second priority since it offers durability, comfortability, various channel, and good design.

4. Brand D

Brand D offers:

(+) Durable

(+) Good packaging

(+) Popular brand

(+) Fast response admin and kind shopkeeper

(+) Available in online and offline store

( • ) Medium price

( - ) Not so comfortable

( - ) The design is so-so

Brand D is not so prefered. It gained high respondents on priority 3 and 4 which makes it doesn’t really prefered. I can conclude that since the shoes is not so comfortable, the design is ordinary, it makes people place it on the last priority.


According to the analysis above, I would conclude that most of brand which has weakness in durability and comfortability is not so prefered and for the brand with good comfortability and durability is more prefered even though it has trade off on other elements. Price, brand, and packaging are doesn’t really matter. But the service quality is still considered by the customer.

So, the issues that I find in netnography and qualitative research has been validated and it is true. People are concern about shoes durability and comfortability, and that is why some customers complain about Adorable Projects build quality.

This small research might still has many lacks, so further research might need to be conducted to know about this issue.