Adorable Projects Brand Traits Analysis

Hello! I’m Alfina and here is my first writing regarding Brand Management research for Adorable Projects. In this opportunity I would like to explain my analysis regarding Adorable Projects brand traits, I took some references from its social media especially Instagram @adorableprojects and the webstore

Firstly, I would like to explain briefly about Adorable Projects background. Adorable Projects was established on 2008 in Cimahi by Mr Fajar Nugraha and Ms Ira Hanira. Started by producing small accessories, now it produces woman fashion stuffs which mainly dominated by shoes and various type of woman bags. Adorable Projects has a unique concept where they empower and involve local craftsman to produce their products and it still well maintained until now even though their business has grown broader over the country.

Adorable Projects’ Instagram View

Secondly, the reason why I choose to analyze the brand traits is related with the available information I have for now, since I haven’t interviewed the owners yet. Thus, to prevent the mistaken information, I prefer to choose this one and it seems that I could gather the information easier from its social media. The next reason is about the brand age and scope, since it has standing for more than 10 years and has broad scope (can be implied from its customer service area and Instagram followers which is more than 1.1 million). From those concerns, I think within 10 years Adorable Projects has built a strong image regarding their brand. Perhaps I will conduct other analysis especially the brand credentials analysis for the next opportunity after I conduct the interview with the owner. I also don’t conduct POD or similar analysis that needs competitors data since I need to conduct deeper and further research such as gathering more information from the competitors.

Now, I’ll begin to the core part which consists about my explanation and research result regarding the brand traits analysis for Adorable Projects. This explanation is purely based from my observation and my own perception. So, here are the brand traits that I define from Adorable Projects brand. I’m also referring to some webs to know more about brand traits and personality.

Personality traits, source:

Adorable Projects’ believable traits:

  1. Local pride → As a business that empower the local craftsman, I think Adorable Projects has added value to bring local pride into broader market. In this era where import products are entering Indonesia massively, the brand and also the customers should be more pride to wear local product that produced with local craftsman and also local licensed.
  2. Feminine → According to its products’ catalog, I imply that Adorable Projects produce woman stuffs with feminine design. From that design, it also influence their target market who has feminine preference while looking for fashion stuffs. Most of Adorable Projects’ products give a feminine impression for those who wear it.
  3. Young → Beside feminine, Adorable Projects is identic with young impression. It could be seen from the model that used by Adorable Projects’ who mainly are teenaged girls. It attracts the audiences especially teenage girls too, to wear the same products as the model. Beside that, the products which produced are mainly suitable for women who has active social life such as to hang out, gathering, and sort of which mostly dominated by juvenile.
  4. Fashionable → Related from the previous trait, Adorable Project also highlighted the fashionable trait implicitly. The issued designs are concerning the trends that are happening and Adorable Projects also combining the trends with Adorable Projects’ own value and unique design. The women who wear Adorable Projects’ products will seemed fashionable and up-to-date.
  5. Chic and casual → Adorable Projects’ products have primary target market to teenage girl or young adult women who has modern lifestyle. Casual and chic can be one of impression that people would achieve when wearing Adorable Projects’ product. The simple design and flexible design could be worn in any occasions both formal and informal.
  6. Urban → Adorable projects brand is more identic to the urban life where the sophisticated, rapid mobilization, and practicality are happening there. Adorable Projects provides products with practical function to fulfill the urban people needs which need practicality and also stylish design.
  7. Innovative → Adorable Projects has unique design that rarely found in other brands. Even if there are similar design, Adorable Projects has added some different features or value through its production proccess and so on. Beside from its products, the different can be seen from its service which using customer service area system.

From those traits, here are the 4 most strategic traits that can attract the potential customers with the higher opportunity:

  1. Local pride → For people who have high concern about local product, this can be a good opportunity to obtain customers who are concerning the products’ origin. With its quality and design, I’m sure that Adorable Projects could compete with brand from overseas.
  2. Young → With this trait, Adorable Projects could obtain broader market scope since the target market who has young preference is really wide. This also could includes the casual and chic traits which mainly prefered by similar people who has ‘young’ preference.
  3. Innovative → This traits is really important to make a brand keep sustain and be the market leader. As a brand who has innovative trait, it is really important to provide products with different innovation from other to make customer keep choosing Adorable Projects as their fashion provider.
  4. A trusted friend → Adorable Projects interact closer with its customer through its service system which using customer service area in every certain area (commonly every city or province). With this system, customers could get better service and closer emotional to the brand.

According my explanation above, I would like to give recommendation and my opinion for the business, since Adorable Projects is empowering local craftsman, I think it is a good value that they have and they should bring it up to the marketing content to create awareness about local products. Next, keep innovating and be the market leader. I see that Adorable Project has good opportunity to compete in market, and to be the leader there should be differentiator that could engage more customer. Beside innovating, Adorable Projects also have to maintain its value — such as empower the local craftsman — and brand traits that already owned to keep being consistent in the customer point of view.

Lastly, for the next step, perhaps I would like to know how Adorable Projects image from broader perception by gathering information and survey from customer point of view to know the brand image more objective. Also, I would like to interview the owner to know deeper about Adorable Project from internal point of view.