Adorable Projects Brand-Owned Touchpoints

Hello in this third assignment, I’m going to talk about Adorable Projects brand touchpoints and issue regarding its brand communication.

Brand-owned Touchpoints


  • Social media ads (only maximize the social media business accounts)

Direct marketing:

  • Online chat
  • Filled in a form
  • Call center contact or CSA
  • Email
  • Warehouse


Those are Adorable Projects brand-owned touchpoints, I don’t identified it one by one since there are too much AND I think nothing really special there just like common touchpoints that other brands have. I would rate it so-so, except the CSA that I will explain below:

Customer service area

Adorable Projects’ CSA

Even though the business scale of Adorable Projects has cover over Indonesia, they still maintain a system which known as customer service area or CSA. This system provide the customers to have a better experience in interaction between customer and the business itself.

Adorable Projects has 32 customer services + 2 general customer care. The customer services itself cover all areas in Indonesia. In some dense provinces or cities such as DKI Jakarta, Jabodetabek area, and Bandung Raya area, there are more customer services than in other areas since the demand for the products are higher and have more entusiasts. While in some other area in Indonesia, some customer services are responsible to handle several cities, areas, or even province.

This touchpoint is an added value for Adorable Projects to communicate their brand since they can interact closer with the customer and so the customer will be better engaged by personal communication that directly served by customer service. Through this system, customers are allowed to order any Adorable Projects’ stuff or if it’s only want to ask about any service regarding the business.

How effective is it?

According my experience to talk with the CSA, and from my interview result, I think this touchpoint is quite effective. Since it has directly served by human not robot or auto message, so the communication could be more deep and clear.

The other effectiveness regarding my point of view is that this system could make the whole business have better understanding regarding each are characteristic, such as how many is the potential customers, what kind of products is more preferable in every area, or how much customer willing to pay and every areas bargaining power information also could be obtained through here.

But can’t be denied that every system has weakness, I think the weakness of this touchpoint is that when there are too much customers who want to contact the CS, the CS might has limit to serve the customer at once except there are a lot of CS in one area. Honestly, I don’t know how much is the CS person on each area.

Instagram Presence

Interaction between customer and social media admin

This is the second touchpoint that I would like to highlight. After scrolling over Adorable Projects’ Instagram business account, I found that even though not all posts are being commented, but in almost every post that containts comment(s) there is a good interaction between audience and the Instagram admin.

The admin always reply each comment although sometimes the comments’ are not so important. There is the thing I’d like to highlight from this touchpoint since not all brands which present in Instagram or any other social media have a good interaction and engagement with its audience.

Beside replying the comment, I also saw that there are more interaction between the business owner and audience where I see on its Instastory that sometimes Mr Fajar and Ms Ira opening Q&A session to let the audience know about their business deeper. It could makes people have better impression to the brand and does not rule out the possibility that the audiences will spread the good reputation of Adorable Projects through word-of-mouth.

How effective is it?

I think it is effective. Moreover, their Instagram has a vast audience which means that is a good opportunity to hook up more audience and build stronger brand through this touchpoint.

Main Brand Issue

Even though Adorable Projects has a warehouse in Cimahi that allow the customer to see the actual product, I think Adorable Projects needs to come closer in at least some big cities such as Jakarta, Jabodetabek area and so on.

I would say that retail presence be the main brand issue since there are some considerations:

  • Adorable Projects brand could be consider as strongest brand compared to any other similar brands that I have explain on my previous post. They already win the competition on online marketing through Instagram. But I don’t know how about offline marketing. As I have mentioned before that retail presence could lead a brand to come closer into more real experience with the customer.
  • Through retail or official store, Adorable Projects could have better touchpoint to interact with customer in a way that technology can’t do yet such as to make them see the actual product and experience it. Beside that an actual service in retail or store from the waiter on each store could give more lasting and memorable impression since it is directly experienced.

So, the main brand issue that I explain here is an issue that I think it could be overtaken by other brand first and it could be a threat for Adorable Projects who has being the market leader among its competitor. They have to come closer to audience or even their customer through more touchpoints, not only online but offline.