Adorable Projects Brand Communication

Hii! It’s me Alfina and I’m going to explain the result of my brand communication, PoD and PoP analysis.

Evaluating the brand communications that has been done by Adorable Projects

In the first part I would like to evaluate the brand communications that has been done by Adorable projects according to its brand positioning. I have tried to gather people’s perception about Adorable Projects through short survey in Google Form. I conducted the survey and shared it to my women friends and I’m gonna input it into my brand positioning analysis.

So, before discussing about the brand communication, here is my brand positioning analysis. According to interview with Mr. Fajar Nugraha, Adorable projects is targeting the young women or teenager between 15–25 years old and especially Z generation (1998–2010) as their target audience with feminine, cute and young preference (according to its brand traits). The psychographic criteria for Adorable Projects is for girl who likes cheap price but have good quality, and for girls who likes to look cool and stylish.

According to my short survey result, the customer perceives Adorable Projects as a brand who has cute, unique, and girly image. It is the first thing which comes into their mind when I’m asking about Adorable Projects. There are about 45 respondents and three highest associations that come in people mind when they hear about Adorable Projects

Survey result
I also attach their Instagram look, source:

Among its local competitors with similar products, concept, and targeted audience, Adorable Projects is being the market leader if its seen from popularity in Instagram and Google Trends. In this case, I found four competitors that play in the same market, similar product, and similar target audience which are Khakikakiku, MKS Shoes, Proudly Shoes, and Kimber Shoes.

Google Trends Search
Instagram Followers of Adorable Projects and its competitors

As I have seen from their Instagram Official Account, they sale shoes products with various design and colors. I see that each brand has their own typicality from its design, style, and Instagram looks which show their brand communication.

I can conclude that Adorable Projects is different from its competitors through its tipical designs and chosen color, and also its the tone or palette color that used on its Instagram feed which use pastel color.

After explaining Adorable Projects’ brand positioning, now I’m gonna discuss about its brand communication. I’ll begin with mental map.

Mental Map of Adorable Projects

I got the association from my short survey, I collected the answer and the result is in above. The highest frequence that audience said is cute, they perceive Adorable Projects as brand who have cute image. In my point of view and according to the interview, I think Adorable Projects is more into feminine. But regarding the survey too, the feminine answer is quite high. So feminine and also cute should be the image that Adorable Projects has to keep on their brand communication.

On the evaluation of brand communication, Adorable Projects has reflected its brand positioning on its brand communication. Looking from these pictures below, they communicate its cuteness and its femininity through the Instagram looks and contents. I think it has representated how they want to be perceived by its target audiences. They want to be perceived as feminine and girly by communicating girly things, girly tips and tricks, and so on. The cuteness also can be seen from the soft colors they used consistently in their feed.

Adorable Projects communicate its feminine association through girly things in feed
Adorable Projects provide various cute wallpaper
Tone and palette color that used by Adorable Projects (pastel colors)

PoP and PoD shown from its brand communication

From their brand communication, I can imply that the PoP and PoD of Adorable Projects are:

  • Trendy and stylish products
  • Up-to-date designs, adjusting with trends
  • Most of its competitors are also using pastel color palettes and tone
Instagram feed looks
  • Cheaper price than the competitors (most of competitors set price above Rp300.000)
  • Broader product types

From the PoP and PoD above, I found there are more similarities among the brands compared rather than the differences. Since they are competing with similar products, concepts, and brand communication in their social media, I think Adorable Projects face a dilemma where there is thing they should keep to make their brand keep sustain such as the products design which should keep following trend to attract the customer. But other thing that should be considered is about PoD that should be highlighted to make them different and make them be the market leader, in this case I think Adorable still outperform in price aspect and they still be the leader for being the most popular among its competitor I’ve mention above.

So they have to keep their competitiveness on its price. Besides that, I think the PoP they have isn’t really matter since those are also things that make them keep sustain, if they don’t follow the market trend it could make them less glanced by audience. However, even though they have similar products, color tones, and so on, each brand still have their own style that spesifically different each other.

How Adorable Projects PoP and PoD can win the competitions

From its PoP, Adorable Projects can lead the market by being the most up to dated with the trends. Beside that, they can win by creating trends instead of following trends. While from PoD perspective, I think they have a very important key that could make them win the competitions which is their competitive price. It is a good start to get the customers’ hearts and glances in the market with similar product and concept.